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Cosmetic Dentist "Specialty" Disclaimer

*In the interest of complete disclosure & clarification regarding the term "Cosmetic Dentist", it should be understood that the practice of "Cosmetic Dentistry" is NOT yet a Recognized Specialty in the Dental Field, and as such, there are no Recognized Cosmetic Dentistry Degrees offered by any Accredited Dental Schools ---Therefore, any time the term "Cosmetic Dentist" , "Cosmetic Dentistry", "Cosmetic Dental Care", "Cosmetic Teeth Whitening", "Cosmetic Tooth Whitening", "Cosmetic Dental Cowns", "Cosmetic Dental Veneers", "Cosmetic Dentures", "Cosmetic Partials", "Cosmetic Orthodontics", or any other variation of words related to Cosmetic Dental Services, it is to be understood that this relates to the type of services offered at the Cosmetic Dental Establishment and does NOT indicate any Specialized Degree received for training in Cosmetic Dental Services.  Therefore, when you are searching for a "Cosmetic Dentist"  it is very important that you check out the credentials of any "Cosmetic Dentist" you are considering for your Cosmetic Dental Treatments.  Even though there are no "Cosmetic Dentist Degrees" offered as a Speciality in the Dental Field, there are a number of Premeire Continuing Education & Live Patient Training Facilities, Organizations & Study Clubs that teach the latest and most advanced Arts of Cosmetic Dentistry.  Ask the Cosmetic Dentist you are considering for your procedures what Cosmetic Dental Training Classes he/she has taken and what Cosmetic Dental Clubs, Organizations & Schools he/she is associated with.   Also ask to see Before & After Photographs of actual results of the Doctor's own treatments.  And finally, it is helpful to ask if the Doctor has a collection of Success Stories (testimonials) from other happy patients.  In fact, what better recommendation can you get than from patients who have experienced their services first hand?  You should find that following these guidelines will greatly increase your chances of finding an experienced "Cosmetic Dentist" and greatly enhance your chance of getting the results you are looking for in your Cosmetic Dental Procedures.

In conclusion, Dr Ronald E Drachenberg and The SmileStudio, Inc---in compliance with Florida State Law---do not claim superiority in any way over other Cosmetic Dental Care facilities and/or services.

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